Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Jammies Anyone?

I am pretty caught up in the recycle/upcycle "movement". (makes it sound important)  For years, every time I would pack up and give clothes away, I find myself thinking about how else I could use each item.  But I never actually DID anything with the thoughts.  Enter a slightly "older"/"wiser" version of myself.  This version has spent a lot  some time with the loverly blog world and the much loved and addicting Pinterest.  You know where this is leading?.........

 Yessireeee...and upcyle project.
This is one of daddy's shirts that has finally, given up the gusto.  It has some holes in the armpits and along some side seams.  Honestly, this shirt is at least 6 years old and has seen ALOT of wear.  It happens to be a favorite and I was kinda sad to see it thrown out.  As I was lovingly petting it, saying goodbye, I realized that the body of the shirt was the right size for some...
Using a pattern I had traced from one of Sugar Baby's tops, I cut up Daddy's shirt.  It was a super, easy project. 

A couple of seams, some scraps for ribbing, a little ruffle.....
and the finished product is quite fitting for my little sweetie,
who just happens to be a Daddy's girl!

What a fun use for those well worn, soft wonderful shirts.  I love the thought of my kids, sleeping all cuddled up in their Daddy's shirts.

Well, I'm off to chop up something else! 
Wish me luck  *wink*

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  1. So cute! I just got rid of a big bag of outgrown clothes, and wished there was something I could do with them. Oh how I wish I was that talented.