Monday, October 24, 2011

She is my Sugar Baby!

Do you see that cute little girl in the middle of my fancy collage?  That is my Sugar Baby!  My first born child.  She stole my heart from the very moment I saw her grainy little peanut image on the ultrasound screen at 7 weeks.

A couple of weeks ago, inspired by Anna Maria Horner, I had the urge to hand embroider something.  It started out as the band of a skirt...then the skirt grew into a dress.  In my head, hand embroidery takes FOREVER.  I was quickly taken into the rhythm of the process though, and before I knew it, the border around the skirt was finished.  Mind you, it wasn't very intricate.  It was alot of fun to put this together with little pink touches here and the facing on the collar and the inside of the bottom hem. 
Now, if I could just remember to snap a picture of her wearing her newest "pretty"!

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