Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quilting Without Obligation

First I need to confess....
I've never made a quilt.... gasp... I KNOW!!

I made a 9-patch block when I was in elementary school. I was really into Little House on the Prairie and my mom made a quilt for the double bed my sister and I shared. So with her scraps, she helped me piece a 9-patch and I tied it. I still have it in my "collection". Then, around the time I was in junior high, my grandma started quilting and during one of our visits, she had me hand piece a block and taught me to hand-quilt. While I didn't fall in love with hand quilting, I did fall in love with the quilt making process.

Fast forward a couple months...oh wait, this is a confession...okay, fast forward quite a few years, more than a decade but less then a score (20 yrs) and you will find me with a stack of quilt inspirations, drooling on quilter's blogs. I am going to make one...THIS YEAR.

My grandma was a dedicated traditional hand quilter....and it made me feel a little bit guilty that I wanted to machine-piece my blocks and that I liked the improv quilts...I love the art quilt. I think that is why I never actually made a quilt. She died this past March and now I wish that I would have made a quilt...even an art quilt, so that she could have seen it before she died. I know she would have loved it because I made it.

I shared all of this to say....I am joining Jennifer of That Girl....That Quilt http://www.thatgirlthatquilt.com/2011/04/quilting-without-obligation-community.html
and her "Quilt without Obligation" movement. Wanna join? Go check out her blog and show that quilters choose to love each other, even if one hand quilts and the other uses a machine...and no pattern! Happy Quilting!!

That Girl... That Quilt

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